RagingBull Charitable Giving donated $5,000 to Project Yes Africa to help rebuild Nokwanda Centre in the Khayelitsha township outside Cape Town, South Africa. The center is a vital resource in the local community and provides education, security, and sometimes 24-hour care to the children in that community.

Nokwanda Educare Centre, Khayelitsha Township

This donation was funded through trading profits generated by RagingBull.com trading educator Kyle Dennis, who said “I’m excited to be helping Project Yes Africa. The charity was suggested by my trading member Antoinette Charles Aqui who helped to establish the charity after she visited South Africa some years ago.”

Antoinette added, “After volunteering for a day at the school in Khayelitsha township outside of Cape Town, I became very impressed with the work they do there. We established the charity with the goal of raising funds to rebuild the school there, and to improve the quality of life and education for the entire community in Khayelitsha. The school rebuilding will be done by local builders in the town, which will add work opportunities to the local community there, too.

“RagingBull Charitable Giving’s generous donation of $5,000 is actually being matched by a private donor, and so the net donation to Project Yes Africa will in fact be $10,000!” added Antoinette.