Mary’s Meals sets up school feeding programs in some of the world’s poorest communities, where hunger and poverty prevent children from gaining an education. By providing chronically hungry children with one meal every school day, this helps to encourage and support their education that can then lift them out of poverty in later life.

Today, over 64 million children miss school because of poverty; that is more than the combined populations of Canada and Australia!

Instead of sitting in a classroom, these children are working in fields, begging on street corners, or scavenging among the garbage just to survive. Millions more attend school so hungry that they are not able to concentrate and learn.

Mary’s Meals’ vision is that every child in the world should be able to receive one good meal every day within a place of education.

Working together with people who share our ideals, we believe that this vision can be achieved in this world where there is enough food for everyone. Mary’s Meals feeds 1,425,013 hungry children every school day across five continents, in the following countries: Benin, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Myanmar, Romania, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Mary’s Meals feeds 1,425,013 hungry children every school day.

RagingBull Charitable Giving donated $5,000 to Mary’s Meals and we are grateful to Raging Bull member Susan Getzinger who suggested Mary’s Meals as a possible recipient of a donation. Thank you Susan! The donation was funded through trading profits generated by RagingBull Charitable Giving co-founder, Jason Bond.