We donated $20,000 to ChildVoice, a Christian humanitarian relief and development organization who help restore the lives of children whose lives have been broken by war. ChildVoice’s programs help children by providing a safe, therapeutic setting with loving care, spiritual and emotional counseling, and effective education and vocational training. Child Voice’s community-based and center-based programs help children to become whole again.

ChildVoice’s President and CEO, Conrad L. Mandsager, said “This has been just an incredible experience to have this relationship with Raging Bull, and the work that you guys are doing.

“What we’ve come to learn is that war and conflict creates incredible challenges to kids that grow up in the shadow of war, and our goal is to try and provide support to help these kids grow up and thrive in the most difficult circumstances that you might ever imagine. Thanks so much for your generous donation and for all you do for ChildVoice.”

RagingBull Charitable Giving co-founder, Jeff Bishop, added that, “ChildVoice is one of my favorite charities and we are so happy to be able to make this donation to ChildVoice. I hope everyone thinks about giving to ChildVoice because it’s an absolutely fantastic charity; you cannot go wrong changing the lives of people who absolutely need it the most!”