We donated $10,00 to Athletes InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a national collegiate ministry engaging the athletic community, to support their summer international service trip to Uganda. Athletes InterVarsity provides support and mentorship, and community and international service and was nominated by Raging Bull team member Ben Sturgill.

Intervarsity’s National Director, Maghan Perez, received the donation at a special presentation with RagingBull Charitable Giving Founders Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond and said, “We are excited to receive this donation and will use it to serve, support and develop student athletes! Your generous donation will be used to support our summer international service trip to Uganda, as well as to provide scholarships for student-athletes to attend development focused conference and retreats.

Jason Bond

“There is a high demand placed on college athletes and this demand creates in them a great need for support. We are so grateful for your donation and thankful for how it will help us meet those needs,” added Perez.

Although now a successful trading educator, prior to his current work with RagingBull.com, Jason Bond was an elementary school gym teacher, and is excited to support the work of Intervarsity by donating to it.

“I am truly thrilled to help Intervarsity with their amazing work! They provide a ton of opportunities for students to become better athletes, and for their amazing support of athletic coaches and athletic programs,” said Jason.